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CatchExceptions is a site for the geeks by the geeks. We are a gang of geeks passionate about technology and code. We love to make things work. For us, the idea of a perfect tech world would be, where peers of the community come together and share knowledge freely.

We are passionate about Open Source Software, and dream to make an impact to the Open Source World.

This is our platform where we share our knowledge, which might save some of your valuable time. Hope you like them and feel free to comment.

Yeah! Something about me (aka Gourav Singh 😀 )

I am a technology enthusiast, always eager to learn new technologies especially related to Java and Web ecosystem. I am good at grasping new technologies and understanding their need at architectural level to fill the voids in the projects framework.

For the past 3 yrs i have been working primarily in Java Ecosystem with development experience including – Spring Framework, Java Server Faces (JSF), PostgreSQL database, Ibatis, Hibernate, Jersey and Spring RESTful APIs, MAVEN, Jquery, JavaScript, CSS3, HTML5, Jasmine Testing Framework, Google Maps API.

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