Fluentd and Logstatsh are the two most widely used open source tools for log collection and analysis. Both are backed up up a strong community support. Though, Logstash is an more experienced player in the field than Logstash. But, Fluentd has made a remarkable impact since its release. So, Fluentd vs Logstash, is a question that is inevitable.

Fluentd vs Logstash

Deciding which one to use can be a difficult task if you don’t have a clean view of pros and cons of both. Same issue i faced and after tonne of googling and forum discussions, I have come up with following comaparison chart. Have a look at it and don’t forget to comment if you find it usable:

Fluentd vs Logstash


S. No. Fluentd Logstash
1  No message loss  Messages can be lost as there is no persistence queue supported natively
2  Lot more than Logstash  Lots of plugins
3  Cruby as its language offers higher performance  Jruby needs JVM thus, performance is bit slower than Fluentd
4  Memory consumption is almost 1/3 of Logstash  Memory consumption is more


For more details on each one of them, you can go through following links:

Fluentd: http://www.fluentd.org/
Logstash: https://www.elastic.co/products/logstash

Fluentd Vs Logstash

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